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Nordic Consulting offers customized solutions in obtaining and processing biofuels. We work with local suppliers and buyers, and we are also helping international companies to enter the Swedish market. Demand for biofuels is growing both locally and globally, thus increasing the need to find new and innovative solutions to ensure a stable supply of environmentally efficient fuel.

Nordic Consulting offers services in local and global procurement of bio-fuels and helping suppliers to find the best outlet for their products or waste material.

We work closely with our customers and Nordic Consulting is responsible for the complete purchase and sales process.
This ensures a steady flow of fuel that frees up time for our customers to develop their core business.
Nordic Consulting strives to offer the best materials and services in the biofuel industry. We have years of success in sales and business development in Sweden. Nordic Consulting have the knowledge and drive required for your company to grow.


Together we develop a customized approach that is tailored to your company's budget and future goals.





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Nordic Consulting offers the following biofuels:


  • Recycled wood
  • Wood chips
  • Timber/logs
  • Forest residues
  • Other solid biofuels



Material and Services 


Nordic Consulting manages recycling and processing of the following materials:


  • Recycled wood
  • Demolition Wood
  • Timber/logs
  • Forest residues
  • Stubs
  • Industrial Waste